Where to engage with the UNDRSTND Group

Regardless of where you are in the spectrum of improving your business and preparing it for sale, UNDRSTND Group has the capabilities you need to achieve success.

To stay competitive and continue to grow, you need to look at your business strategy and decide how you will transform your business to stay competitive. ISVs and resellers who don’t change will ultimately lose their credibility and competitive advantage making them less attractive to potential buyers.

The best time to engage with the UNDRSTND Group is NOW! You can engage where you need us most — with an eye toward the bigger picture and meeting your long-term goals. We can help you in the following areas:

  • Strategic analysis and Prioritization

    We use our experience to evaluate your current business strategy, apply business models and metrics and establish the key insights that allow us to prioritize the right actions to improve your performance

  • Operational Expertise and Controls

    Our broad experience and skills running global and local operations for market leading companies allows us to assess your team, your processes and your KPI’s and then apply improvements as needed


    Our research team can execute customized research projects that help inform your business strategy, product plan and GTM execution. We gather and interpret data so you don’t have to.

  • Product and Solutions Strategy

    Managing product portfolios and building industry-focused solutions is critical to success. Our team has world-class skills to help you optimize your investments and win in the market

  • Sales and Go-to-market Execution

    Organizing your sales channels, managing them effectively and supporting them with lead generation and pipeline-building capabilities is one of our top priorities

  • Competitive Positioning and Differentiation

    We know how to structure your positioning and messaging to maximum effect, aligning your marketing messages and web presence with your sales presentations and customer facing communication.

  • Growth Strategies and Plans

    We can build growth strategies that are proven to work and have helped other companies exit at premium valuations. Setting detailed plans and monitoring execution is one of our core skills

  • Branding and Messaging

    Our team includes the best creators of brand messaging in the software industry. From taglines and promotional content to global messaging guides we can make your brand the best it can be


    We can help you identify the best strategic buyer for your business. Through our global network and deep acquisitions experience, we know where and how to look for a suitable exit or where to access growth capital.