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Coming Out of the Dark and Into the Light

It’s time to act so you can hit the road running as the world re-opens for business. In a recent partner call, we were reviewing the business status of both our clients and prospects in the US and Europe—and it’s not as bad as advertised. If you listen to what you hear in the media, […]

Happy New Year! Ten Predictions for 2020

Reposted with permission from Simon Boardman Verto Advisors https://www.vertoadvisors.com Ten for Twenty Here’s Verto’s “predictions” for 2020. These are based on some observations from 2019 and our reading of the tea leaves. Just to remind you, while some of these are obviously more serious than others, there’s the constant “hum of humor”. But as we […]


If you are the owner of a small software business, I’m sure that you have paid particular attention as the news hits of another peer company selling at a very high valuation in relation to their revenue and profit. And after you roll your eyes or shake your head with envy, you quickly do the […]